Menu The "Pilot Weather Briefing" site was designed by aviation meteorologist Robert Lattery as a means for pilots to easily obtain the latest and best weather data available on the World Wide Web before they receive a formal pre-flight briefing.

DISCLAIMER: This site should be used for preliminary flight planning purposes only. It IS NOT a substitute for a formal preflight weather briefing. Due to the current nature of the World Wide Web the federal government does not recognize data available through this medium as safe and reliable for aviation.

The information published on and via this site is made available without warranty of any kind. The author of this site accepts no responsibility or liability, whether direct or indirect, as to the timeliness, accuracy or quality of the information, nor for any consequences of its use.

After a number of months of research through various meteorological and aviation related information sources on the web, links were brought together to form "Pilot Weather Briefing." These links were determined to best serve the needs of pilots flying in the lower 48 states of the United States. Among those web sites are:

These web sites are acknowledged for providing some of the most valuable meteorological information available without cost. Without them "Pilot Weather Briefing" would not be possible.

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