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Menu Using "Pilot Weather Briefing" should be intuitive for anyone familiar with the world wide web. The menu to the left provides an easy way for the user to move from page to page without difficulty. This menu is available on each and every page, with a light indicator available on each menu button to indicate the "data page" that you currently looking at. For instance, when you are on the "Surface Weather" page a red light will appear on the menu button as an indication of your location. When you are not on a major "data page" (such as right now), the light indicators on the menu buttons will all be dark.

Also available on each of the major data pages will be radar and satellite buttons. These buttons are offered separately as a means of providing prominent access to this valuable data. Even when going to the radar and satellite pages you will continue to have access to the main menu.

The best way to become familiar with "Pilot Weather Briefing" is to click on the various data items available. Frequently when accessing data your browser will take you to another web site where the information is located. To return to "Pilot Weather Briefing" simply click on your browser's "BACK" button.

Please pay attention to the time stamps and dates on all the information you access. Servers fail at times and computer data is sometimes not received on a timely basis, which means the image or data you are looking at may be old. Click on your browser's "RELOAD" button on occasion to make sure the image or data you are accessing is new and not the old version stored on your computer's hard drive from the last time you visited the web site.

The form for obtaining Metar and TAF data on the surface page uses JavaScript and must be viewed using either Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher or Netscape Navigator 3.01 or higher. The JavaScript setting on your browser must be turned on for the form to function as intended.

Remember to read the disclaimer before using the data available on this site and have fun exploring "Pilot Weather Briefing"!

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